Disneyland Leadership 2018

Countdown till Departure

We are all so excited about our Disneyland trip...

...that will be on Wednesday, February 14, 2018 that we just can’t wait to talk to you about it! First of all - we have a bit of a break that weekend (off from school Thurs-Mon). This trip will not only be super fun, but will give you some really great leadership skills that you can bring back to Garrett and help our entire school! On this trip you will be allowed to choose your “bus buddy” with one exception: boys will all be on one side and girls will be on the other – no “co-ed” seating. We suggest you pick your “bus buddy” before the trip – but NO MORE THAN a week in advance (you know…junior high drama).

Sorry, there are no more open spots.

The Leadership program is for students in NJHS or Student Council

When you arrive at GJHS in the pre-dawn hours of Wednesday, February 14 th , you MUST be wearing your GJHS Disney Leaders shirt and pants or shorts that follow CCSD dress code (NO leggings or yoga pants). Here are some other suggested items you will want to bring:

1. a sweatshirt (it can get chilly in Anaheim!)

2. bottled water - no Hydroflasks, it must be in a store-bought sealed clear bottle

3. snacks - Disney food is VERY EXPENSIVE

4. sunscreen

5. chapstick

6. phone (if you do not have one, it is NOT required, but you MUST ALWAYS be with another student who has a phone!)

7. money for food and souvenirs in the park (up to you and your parents, but remember Disney can be VERY EXPENSIVE)

8. comfy shoes

9. any medications you are required to take (like an asthma inhaler) and you MUST give this information to your advisor

10.Pillow and blanket (will be left on the bus during the day)

1. anything you’re afraid to lose (no…we will NOT spend time in the park looking for your stuff)

2. a bad attitude (you all are all part of the same Garrett family…this is not a time to exclude ANYONE!)

3. clothes to change into that will get you into trouble (you MUST remain in your Disney leaders shirt ALL DAY!)

What NOT to bring:

Dress Code & Travel Items

Schedule & Rules

During the Disney Leaders Program you will be divided into groups that will include students from every group attending the program – you may not be with your bestie – that is okay! You will still have a ton of fun. After the program is over (about lunchtime) you will be able to hang out with your bestie and all of your Garrett friends all afternoon and evening. You will meet up with your buddy group after the program is over.


You MUST FOLLOW SCHOOL RULES AND DISNEY RULES ALL DAY. Okay, you can chew gum, but that’s about it. Remember – you’re all representing Garrett JHS, when you swear, make out (ewwww!), or get into trouble at the park it makes our whole school look bad. NO LINE JUMPING – even if you see another Garrett group while in line for a ride – you will only irritate other guests in the park. And we only want to hear positive things about how great you are from other Disney guests – hold doors open for people, say please and thank you, make eye contact with people – you know be a Better Bobcat!

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